Mind(s) Fly Free

Once upon a time I could fly, I soared above the clouds,
bathed in the light of the moon,
and slumbered on the leaves of the highest trees.

ImageI played tag with the stars, and hopscotched on raindrops,
slipped and slide down rainbows, landing in other worlds,
watching those different from me, closely, 
saddened by their imprisonment to gravity.

I grew of age, and knowledge reigned supreme, it seemed,
I was not made for downy wings that bent the air
into stairways that lead to heaven,
but only with feet of clay, that weighted me down
to solid ground.

ImageIf ever I get the chance to find my wings
I will fly again, and be free, far and wide
letting only the knowledge of HIM
to be my pilot & guide.

Shi ~ Outre Leather Pants ~ Savage
LoQ Hairs ~ Pancake Fatpack (white) ~ TDRFusion
Zibska ~ Sascha Full Vs Jewelry ~ Necklace & Earrings
Zaara ~ Pratha Silver Cuff ~ Onyx
Slink ~ Mesh Hands & Feet
Zibska ~ Then I Dreamed Eyeshadow ~ Coal
Glance Skins ~ Anais ~ December Skin & Lipstick



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